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FreedomPop offers wireless Internet and mobile services, they are  based in Los Angeles, California. The company provides free mobile services including free data, text and VoIP and sells mobile phones, tablets and broadband devices for use with their service. FreedomPop is designed for “light users” while paid options include unlimited talk and text with an option to add high-speed data.


FreedomPop will give you 500MB of 4G/3G Data each month for free they will also start you with 1.GB so that’s 1.5 GB all together. If you want more there are low plans available and if you find yourself not using all of your data that month, they even offer rollover data at an affordable price. There are other ways to earn free data, and that’s by trying programs, and inviting friends.
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News from the Whitehouse; President Obama is making it possible for families to have high speed internet.

The Whitehouse released date: July 2015

Today, the President will travel to Durant, Oklahoma, to announce ConnectHome, a new initiative with communities, the private sector, and federal government to expand high speed broadband to more families across the country. The pilot program is launching in twenty-seven cities and one tribal nation and will initially reach over 275,000 low-income households – and nearly 200,000 children – with the support they need to access the Internet at home. Internet Service Providers, non-profits and the private sector will offer broadband access, technical training, digital literacy programs, and devices for residents in assisted housing units. ConnectHome is the next step in the President’s continued efforts to expand high speed broadband to all Americans and builds on his ConnectED initiative that is on track to connect 99 percent of K-12 students to high-speed Internet in their classrooms and libraries over the next five years.

ConnectHome will help ensure that these students still have access to high-speed Internet once they are home. Since the President took office, the private and public sectors have invested over $260 billion into new broadband infrastructure, and three in four Americans now use broadband at home. Thanks to smart spectrum policies and world-leading technology, fast 4G wireless broadband is now available to over 98 percent of Americans — up from zero percent since 2009. Despite this progress, a new analysis released today by the President’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA)  illustrates that some Americans are still unable to benefit from high-speed broadband, especially America’s lower-income children.  In fact, while nearly two-thirds of households in the lowest-income quintile own a computer, less than half have a home internet subscription.

While many middle-class U.S. students go home to Internet access, allowing them to do research, write papers, and communicate digitally with their teachers and other students, too many lower-income children go unplugged every afternoon when school ends. This “homework gap” runs the risk of widening the achievement gap, denying hardworking students the benefit of a technology-enriched education. President Obama is announcing ConnectHome to help close this gap and provide more Americans digital opportunity. Specifically, ConnectHome is: Building regional partnerships:  The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), is collaborating with EveryoneOn and US Ignite who worked with private- and public-sector leaders to build local partnerships and gather commitments that will increase access to the Internet for low-income Americans.

These partnerships will bring broadband, technical assistance, and digital literacy training to students living in public and assisted housing across America. Mayors from Boston to Durham, and from Washington, DC to Seattle, have committed to reallocate local funds, leverage local programming, and use regulatory tools to support this initiative and the expansion of broadband access in low-income communities.

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Access from AT&T call AT&T “Access Apply” at 1-855-220-5211 (or Spanish at 855.220.5225) 

Internet Essentials Application $9.95/mo + tax You can purchase a desktop or laptop computer for your child, for as low as $149.99 to purchase a computer, call 1-888-710-4156 to place your order. or find out more at:

Connect2Compete Connect2Compete (C2C) is a national nonprofit initiative aiming to bring students and families online by providing low-cost Internet and free digital literacy training to families nationwide. Cox partners with C2C to provide $9.95/month high-speed Internet to qualifying families.

Everyoneon Computers and Internet Bringing Affordable Internet & Devices Into the Home Through partnerships with local Internet service providers, EveryoneOn is able to offer free or $9.95 home Internet service in 48 states and the District of Columbia. We work with device refurbisher, so individuals and their families can purchase discounted devices, including $150 tablets and $199 laptops. Visit:

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